Deepwaters Testnet Tutorial: They Have Some Good Partners!

I cannot explain one by one the products that deepwaters has been brought for us! but you can take a look on their official website

Alright, let’s get to the tutorial!


  • Metamask Extension
  • if you’re using mobile then you need Kiwi Browser

Table Of Contents:

Getting Started

Assume that you already create new wallet or you already have it, let’s go to testnet website:

Get Your Faucet Token

Click on faucet then desired network, e.g Goerli and make sure the toggle set to “ON” on all assets.

Click “Tweet to claim tokens”, after that Enter Tweet URL & your email address. Click “Submit” button and wait shortly you will get the test token as well.

on “Available balances” check wether your assets already arrive or not.

Deposit Your Assets

Click “Deposit” There will be a pop up select network & which asset would you like to deposit.

Click “Approve” Confirm transaction on your wallet, then click “Deposit” confirm transaction again.

Deposited assets will shown on “Deepwaters” tab.

Withdraw Your Assets

it has similar procedure instead of hitting “Deposit” button you need to hit “Withdraw” button.

Select network, then select asset/coin would you like to withdraw and enter how much.

Last, hit “Confirm” button.

Once withdrawal process complete, you can check it on “Wallet” tab.

Swapping Your Assets

Change menu to “Exchange”

Then Change Network to “Goerli” both should the same as remember in this part we only swapping our assets.

After you changed the network, Select pair e.g image above USDC/ETH pair.

Enter how much amount of USDC, set limit price, set expires in, click “Submit limit order”

Confirm transaction by clicking “Sign” on your wallet.

Bridging Your Assets

Let’s do something more advance, we are gonna bridging our assets from different network.

in this example I’ll try to bridge my USDC from Goerli -> Avalanche Network.

What we need to here is to change the network as image above.

Click “Submit limit order” then confirm transaction on your wallet.

Aw snap! seems not support bridge functionality yet.

Alright, maybe there will be some changes if the project make some updates on their DAPP as well! see you soon.

Don’t forget if you found any bugs send feedback/report here: (password: deepwaters)

to get more latest updates about airdrop, testnet events you can subscribe our Telegram channel.

Thanks and keep stalking :).



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