Complete Guide for Mobius Finance Testnet Event

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Before we get started please follow this instructions. if you’re using mobile especially Android use Kiwi Browser + Metamask Extension. You can download Kiwi Browser on Playstore.

Let’s get into the tutorial. But please join their discord server

Getting Started

Setting up custom RPC for Metamask (Mumbai Testnet Polygon)

Network Name: Mumbai Testnet
ChainID: 80001
Symbol: MATIC

Go to to get some matic (for transactions fee)

Go to and then connect your wallet, make sure already switched to Mumbai testnet network.

We will get some test token here, just click “claim test token”

NOTE! if you can’t get the token you can fill this form

Now, we will start the tasks!

Mint Some moUSD

Go to Mint & Burn and set collateral asset (here I choose DAI because I have a lot of DAI lol)

I only put half of my DAI balance, which is just 500 DAI, don’t forget to click “Mint”. Confirm transaction.

Trade Some Synthetic Assets

Now, we have some moUSD balance and we’ll do some trade. For example here I wanna buy moTSLA maybe for 200 moUSD. Then click “Swap”

Shorting Synthetic Assets

Now, go to “Shorting” Enter amount of DAI and its pair for example below I choose moXAU

Burn some moUSD

Next step, we will burn moUSD

Final Step: Claim Your MOT Reward

This is final step for mobius testnet, I will try to collecting my MOT reward right now while researching about the date this event end.

Go to “Earn” -> Click “Claim All”

if you have any suggestions, there’s a form to send your feedback about Mobius finance DAPP testnet.

Thanks, best regards.




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Airdrop Stalker

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