Zetachain Testnet Brief Strategy

🎁 Reward? confirmed


Faucet MATIC: https://faucet.polygon.technology/

Faucet Goerli ETH (recommended login/register alchemy account): https://goerlifaucet.com/

Faucet Klaytyn: https://baobab.wallet.klaytn.foundation/faucet (Desktop Mode if u use mobile)

[ Doing Tesnet Tasks ]

- Go to testnet app
- Connect wallet (Goerli Network)
- Click "Get ZETA" to get faucet token
- Make a swap daily to earn points

additional you can also get the faucet from discord server


- Go here and connect your wallet

[ Collecting Galxe OAT (no fee) ]

- Go Zetachain Space Page
- You may eligible to claim their OAT
- if not try to be eligible by completing each tasks.


- Go to this page
- Connect your wallet

Feel free to ask if you have a problem, i'll try my best to answer guys :)

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🎁 Reward: NFT
👥 For users who do testnet

Please note! this is not tutorial you can read the official instructions how to do testnet right here.

Tips! For privacy transfer you need 2 wallet, recipient address must be registered too on tusima also doing deposit at least once.

After you already complete the 4 tasks of testnet:

- Deposit
- Private Transfer
- Withdraw
- Encrypt & Download Transaction History

You will able to claim this testnet NFT

All tutorial how to complete the tasks already written by the official team on medium

Cheers! happy weekend.



🎁 Reward? Confirmed.


What’s this?

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Who are your backers? Our backer now is Cogitent Venture. There would be more backers, keep updating with us.

So, I think I should provide you guys video tutorial rather than screenshot because video is more effective for newbies especially.

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Thank you :) Keep Stalking & Earning.